Function registerRoute

  • Programmatically define a route, rather than using config.routes. This is useful for plugins which may define routes as well. You can use both routes.registerRoute and config.routes in the same project.

    • method: HTTP verb (get, put, etc)
    • path: The route in question. Can use variables.
    • action: The action to call with this route.
    • apiVersion: The version of the action to call, if more than one.
    • matchTrailingPathParts: Allows the final segment of your route to absorb all trailing path parts in a matched variable. (ie: /api/user would match /api/user/123)
    • dir: Which folder to serve static files from (must by included in config.general.paths)


    • method: string
    • path: string
    • action: string
    • Optional apiVersion: string | number
    • matchTrailingPathParts: boolean = false
    • Optional dir: string

    Returns void