api. routes

Name Type Description
routes Object

This servers routes, defined.

verbs Object

The HTTP verbs we can use, ['head', 'get', 'post', 'put', 'patch', 'delete'].

Countains routing options for web clients. Can associate routes with actions or files.



(static) registerRoute(method, path, action, apiVersion, matchTrailingPathParts, dir)


Programatically define a route, rather than using api.config.routes. This is useful for plugins which may define routes as well. You can use both api.routes.registerRoute and api.config.routes in the same project.

Name Type Description
method string

HTTP verb (get, put, etc)

path string

The route in question. Can use variables.

action string

The action to call with this route.

apiVersion Number

The version of the action to call, if more than one.

matchTrailingPathParts Boolean

Allows the final segment of your route to absorb all trailing path parts in a matched variable. (ie: /api/user would match /api/user/123)

dir string

Which folder to serve static files from (must by included in api.config.general.paths)